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Intech IN-GEN Calibrator

Intech IN-GEN Hand Held Calibrator

The Intech IN-GEN is a battery operated, hand held, multifunction generator used in conjunction with a multimeter to simulate RTD's, thermocouples, mA, mV and V signals.


      • Simulates - RTD's, mA, T/C's, mV & V
      • Compact
      • Battery powered - 9 volt battery
      • Low cost
      • Outputs instrument signals
      • Use with our own multimeter 


Output - Resistance   50-150Ω
  Simulating DIN, Pt100, -100-100°c 
- Milliamps   0-20mA 
  320Ω Max
  Simulating 0-20mA and 4-20mA signals
- Millivolts   0-100mV
  Simulating Thermocouple signals 
- Volts   0-8V
  20mA Max load
  Simulating 0-5V and 1-5V signals
 Power Supply   9V Battery
 EMC Compliances   Emissions EN55022-A. Immunity EN50082-1.
  <1% Effect FSO Typical
 Operating Tempature & Humidity   0-50°c [storage temp: -10 to 70ºc]
  5-85% RH Max. Non condensing
 Dimensions   L = 128 x W = 67 x H = 58mm