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Blackline Safety Loner Mobile Employees often work alone or interact with members of the public and require a simple, non-intrusiv.. Product #: LSmisc based on 0 reviews

Loner Mobile for Remote Workers

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Employees often work alone or interact with members of the public and require a simple, non-intrusive solution to monitor their ongoing safety. Turn your employees’ iPhone®, Android™or BlackBerry® into a leading safety monitoring platform.

The Loner® Mobile lone worker safety app has been designed specifically to meet the needs of employees working alone in unpredictable situations. You can easily transform your employees’ smartphones into reliable safety monitoring devices when they’re working outdoors, especially when they are required to focus on the road.

Loner Mobile fits into a lone worker’s routine and replaces productivity-draining check-in procedures. Unlike some competitive smartphone apps that only call a buddy list, Loner Mobile alerts monitoring personnel who can make a difference through an empowered, pin-point emergency response to the lone worker’s location.

Prior to entering a site, building or client’s home, lone workers can send location-based notes to monitoring infrastructure that provide valuable context surrounding their location, activities and risk level.

A configurable check-in timer confirms the employee’s ongoing well-being and notifies live monitoring personnel of exceptions via safety alerting. If an emergency incident occurs, the user can trigger a Loner Mobile control to alert monitoring personnel instantly.

Safety alerts can be configured with automatic two-way calling to monitoring personnel, enabling a higher level of situational awareness. This feature also helps to make Loner Mobile compliant to British Standard 8484 for lone worker safety monitoring.

All Loner Mobile settings are configurable over-the-air, providing the control necessary from small deployments to large-scale corporate roll-outs. Loner Mobile is an ideal solution for office personnel travelling into the field, replacing traditional Journey Management processes.


Mobile phone not included.


suresafe   SureSafeTM Monitoring Light Confidently know when safety is monitored
Checkin   Check-in Monitoring & Alerting Missed worker check-in generates safety alert (optional)
alert   Emergency Alerting  Help can be requested through an emergency control
gps   GPS Publishing Location publishing ensures employee location is available for emergency response
loner portal   Loner Web Portal Compatible  Manage all devices via cloud-hosted monitoring account
wearable   Wearable Technology Enhancement  Expand safety monitoring rigor with the Loner Duo
Notes   Notes  Users can provide on-the-go context to their activities


  • Improves safety awareness of mobile workers
  • Quickly mobilise an emergency response by mapping worker locations within the Loner Portal
  • Real-time safety alerting increases awareness of safety incidents
  • Achieves regulatory compliance
  • Customisable location publishing provides a historical context of worker locations
  • Affordable for small business and corporate deployments
  • Cost-effective alternative to phone-in journey management services
  • No software to install
  • Email and text message safety alerting to supervisors and managers
  • Optional 24 / 7 / 365 dedicated Alarm Receiving Centre delivers leading safety monitoring and emergency response management
  • Customisable Loner Portal account implementation for diverse customer needs
  • Loner Portal manages the configuration of all Loner solutions remotely, including the Loner Mobile
  • Loner web services enable software developers to integrate safety monitoring within a call centre deployment
 Smartphone Compatibility   iPhone i0S 8.0.1 +   //  Android  4+   //  Blackberry  0S 10+
 Safety Monitoring Features   Emergency Alert - slider control within application / worker check-in - configurable check-in period (1 to 180 min) / Automatic check-in on GPS motion option (20 - 255 km/h)
 Two-way Voice Calling   Upon triggering of an Emergency Alert, Loner Mobile automatically phones a specified safety monitoring number (remote configurable)
 Notes   Optional check-in message: pre-defined or custom message, includes employee location
 Location Technology   GPS accuracy - 5m outdoors 
    WiFi accuracy - 25m outdoors 
    Cellular accuracy - 500m outdoors 
 Mobile Messaging Methods   Email, text message (SMS) 
 Alert Messages   Emergency Alert, Missed Check-in, Low Battery, Power Off 
 GPS Location Publishing   Periodic automatic location reporting: 1 - 60 minutes
 Device Requirements   Installation of compatible smartphone, activation within Loner Portal, service plan GPS or Wi-Fi coverage for locating, cellular communications 
 Loner Portal Web Application   Features include: Alarm banner, event history, device location mapping, device management, alert & notification setting and more 
    Comprehensive safety alert lifecycle management: includes alert configurable profiles, safety protocol and emergency contacts


 Loner Mobile safety monitoring device service  ♦  
 Loner 24 / 7 Central monitoring service     
Gold service plan - live monitoring by Blackline (now available in Australia)
Silver service plan - self monitoring
download pdf   Loner Mobile Data
download pdf   Loner Quick Reference Guide
 Silent Emergency Request   This programmable feature is for lone workers who interact with the public and may benefit from a discrete method to request help. Designed for threatening scenarios that may escalate, the employee can silently request help by pressing and holding down the emergency latch, without aggravating the situation.
 No-Motion Detection
  Like Blackline’s True Fall Detection® technology, no-motion detection uses three-axis accelerometers to automatically monitor the employee’s movements. If the user does not move sufficiently within a configurable interval, the device will use an audible, visual, and tactile request for your employee to confirm his or her safety status by pressing the check-in button. If the lone worker does not respond within a preset time, it communicates a safety alert in real-time to monitoring personnel to deliver a timely, pin-point emergency response.
 Employee Check-in
  Organizations now have a method to regularly and automatically confirm their employee’s well-being throughout the work day— without an impact to their productivity or your bottom line. Loner devices can be configured to request an employee check-in with a timer that suits the risk level of their environment and activity. The Loner device will use an audible, visual and tactile request for the employee to confirm his or her safety status by pressing the check-in button. If the employee does not respond within a preset time, it communicates a safety alert in real-time to monitoring personnel to manage an immediate emergency response to the user’s location.
 GPS Location Technology   For precise positioning outdoors, a large GPS antenna and high sensitivity receiver design provides industry-leading, weak-signal tracking. In the event that one of your lone workers enters a facility where GPS signals are unavailable and Loner Beacons are not deployed, Loner devices always remember their last outside position. When a safety alert is triggered, Loner devices always report their location to monitoring personnel. An optional breadcrumb history can be generated with locations being reported to monitoring infrastructure every 5 minutes.
 Loner Portal   All of Blackline’s employee-worn safety monitoring devices and smartphone apps communicate regularly with our monitoring infrastructure. Our cloud-hosted Loner Portal safety monitoring application is the centralized headquarters that enables efficient and comprehensive online management of all fielded Loner products and associated safety alerts they generate. A comprehensive safety alert management workflow empowers monitoring personnel with the situational awareness required to quickly respond to safety alerts, assess the situation, escalate within your organization and dispatch emergency responders—whether these are nearby co-workers or local 9-1-1 services.
Features - Lone Worker
Employee Check-in Yes
Emergency Latch NA
Emergency Button Yes (manual)
Cellular Communication Yes
Satellite Communication No
Silent Alarm
True Fall Detection No
No-motion Detection No
Loner Beacon Compatible No
Bluetooth Yes
Durable & Weatherproof NA
10 to 1 Teams No
2 way text Messaging No
Intrinsically Safe No
900 MHz Radio No
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