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Intech Transmitters

Intech XU and XJ - Universal Input Transmitters

Intech Universal Input Transmitters

  • U2 [2 wire] - USB Programmable Universlal Input Single Transmitter
  • XU2HI / XU2HN [in-head, 2 wire] - USB Programmable Temperature Input Single Transmitters
  • XU4 [4 wire] - USB Programmable Universal Input Single Transmitter
  • XJ2 / XJ22 - 2 Wire Transmitters
  • XJ4 - 4 Wire Transmitter

 XU Series Transmitter |  XJ Series Transmitter


Intech XI 4 - 20mA Isolator Series

Intech XI Isolator Series     
  • XI-L - Loop Powered Isolator(s)
  • XI-P - Input Powered Isolators(s)

XI Loop Powered Isolators


Intech LP - Series

 Intech LP Transmitters    
  • LPI-B - 2 Wire Bridge Isolated Transmitter
  • LPI-CT-X - AC Current Transmitter
  • INCTT series - Split Core Current Transmitters & Switch
  • LPI-D - DC Isolated Transmitter
  • LPI-F - Frequency Isolated Transmitter
  • LPI-P - Potentiomenter Isolated Transmitter
  • LPI-pH - pH Transmitters
  • LPI-R - RTD Isolated Transmitter
  • LPI-T - Thermocouple Isolated Transmitter
  • LPN-DP - Differential Pressure Transmitter
  • LPN-H - Humidity & Temperature Transmitter
  • LPN-LUX - Light Intensity 4-20mA Output Transmitter [replaces TWN-LUX]
  • LPN-P - Potentiometer Non-Isolated Transmitter
  • LPN-R - RTD Non-Isolated Transmitter
  • LPN-R-H - RTD Pt100 In-Head Non-Isolated Transmitter

LPI & LPN Series Transmitters


Intech PI - Series

Intech PI Transmitters     
  • PI-B - Programmable Isolating Bridge Transmitter
  • PI-D - Programmable Isolating DC Transmitter
  • PI-F - Programmable Isolating Frequency Transmitter
  • PI-K - Programmable Isolating Resistance Transmitter
  • PI-M - Programmable Isolating Maths Function Transmitter
  • PI-P - Programmable Isolating Potentiometer Transmitter
  • PI-R - Programmable Isolating RTD Pt100 Transmitter
  • PI-S - Programmable Isolating Dual Set Point Alarm Unit

PI Series Transmitters

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