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About the Söll Vi-Go Vertical Cable System


Söll Vi-Go Ladder Climbing Safety System from Miller by Honeywell provides the ultimate in safety with continuous fall protection when climbing fixed ladders: remarkably ergonomic and versatile vertical steel rope system with integrated fall protection.   Soll Vi Go Fall Protection System from Miller Honeywell
This fall protection system can be retrofitted onto existing climbing devices such as ladders or rungs used in wind turbine, power supply, telecommunication or other industry. It is basically made up of a steel rope or cable (three different types), fastening elements and a revolutionary guided-type fall arrester.  
  • Uninterrupted fall protection
  • Easy, one-hand operation for attachment/detachment from the system
  • No pins/chains or external parts to lose or damage
  • Automatic pass-through cable guides
  • The Vi-Go Cable Sleeve is constructed with durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum and stainless steel components.
  • Unit will not open if attached incorrectly.
  • Provides a “dual shock-absorbing system” to further reduce fall forces 
  • Accommodate 5/16-inch (8mm) or 3/8-inch (10mm) cable.

Vi-Go Shuttle
Parts List

Recommended use:

  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Municipal Services
  • Oil and Gas
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Nuclear
  • Wind Energy


The Vi-Go shuttle is a guided type fall arrestor with self-locking function and is compatible with 8mm cable.

VI-GO guided fall arrestor for Fall Protection from Miller by Honeywell   Material   Stainless Steel 316 / Aluminium / Polyamide      
  Usage   8mm compatible      
  Operating Temperature   -40°c to + 60ºc      
  Dimensions   102mm x 75.2mm x 54.5mm      
  Weight   1.2kg      
  Standard   EN 353-1:2014      
  Patents   International Patent      


Before installation, it is best to check whether the substructure on which the Söll Vi-Go system is to be fixed is capable of withstanding loads resulting from a fall (certificate for stability). A qualified expert must certify this.

The maxiumum installation angle to the vertical axis is 15° (forward, backward or lateral incline).

The maximum length of the cable may not exceed 200 m.

The following characteristic loads form the basis of the certificate of stability: loads resulting from dynamic loads due to fall, user loads and the individual weight of the system components.

For fastening the upper end of the cable, acting vertically downward:

Number of simultaneous Users Characteristic Vertical load Fc1 [kN]
1 15kN
2 16kN
3 17kN




For fastening the intermediate bracket and the lower end of the cable, independent of the number of users, effective in each direction: Fc2 = 1,5 kN


  Vi Go Shuttle   Soll Vi-Go Manual Intermediate Holder for 8mm and 10mm cable   Intermediate Holder for 8mm cable  

Soll Heavy Duty Tensioner

  Söll Vi-Go Guided-type fall arrester   Manual Intermediate Holder for 8mm & 10mm cable    Automatic Intermediate Holder with fixing plate   Heavy Duty Tensioner
   It's single hand operation makes it quick & simple to use, with dual locking mechanism preventing accidental unlocking.    Holds the cable in position and prevents it from moving excessively in case of wind. Cost-effective, light with possibility of retrofitting.    Select for either 8 mm cable, with fixing plate, for rungs 18 - 26mm or 22 - 36mm rungs.   Cable tensioner with integrated tension indicator, available in galvanized or stainless steel. 
  Soll Universal Beam Bracket for Vi-Go   Soll Vi-Go Universal Rung Bracket  

Soll Vi-Go cable - 8mm and 10mm

  Soll Vi-Go Cable Swage for 8mm and 10mm cable galvanized or stainless steel
  Universal Beam bracket galvanized   Universal Rung Bracket   8mm & 10mm cable   Swage for 8 mm & 10mm cable
  Clamp serving as cable fixing; enables to hang cable and rope end parts. Available in galvanized or stainless steel.    Clamp serving as cable fixing ; enables to hang Cable and rope end parts, able to mount it to most ladders. Available in galvanized or stainless steel.    7x19 - available in galvanized or stainless steel.   Can only be used at the upper end of the cable; advantages - reduced componenent cost and assembly time. Available in galvanized or stainless steel.
  Soll Vi-Go Turnback Loop for 8mm and 10mm cable    Soll Vi-Go Swageless Terminal for 8mm and 10mm cable    Soll Vi-Go Cable End Swage for 8mm and 10mm cables    Soll Vi-Go Swaging Indicator for 8mm and 10mm cables
  Turnback loop fixing parts   Swageless Terminal   Cable end swage   Swaging indicator 
  Can be used on both ends of the cable. Availble for 8mm & 10mm in galvanized or stainless steel.   Available for all cable types in 8mm & 10mm.    Available for 8mm & 10mm cables.     Available for 8mm & 10mm cables. (25 pieces)


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