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Personal Protective Equipment

Eye & Head Protection

  UniSafe Wolf Smokey Safety Glasses     UniSafe Wolf Clear Safety Glasses     Full View Goggle 330 
  • Snug one-piece lens
  • Smokey lens
  • Anit-scratch lens
  • Medium impact
  Clear Safety Glasses  
  • Snug one-piece lens
  • Clear lens
  • Anti-scratch lens
  • Anit-fog lens
  • Medium lens
  Full View Safety Goggles


  • Moulded polycarbonate anti-fog goggles
  • Clear polycarbonate anti-fog replacements available



Hard Hats & Brims  


Welding Helmets     VC105GlossBrowguard Vision shields
  • Lightweight ABS Plastic
  • 6 Point Harness for Wearer Comfort
  • Vented for Wearer Comfort
  • Canvas Brim with Neck Flap Optional
  • Lightweight injection moulded shell
  • Ratchet adjustable head gear
  • Shade 10 filter Lens
  • Clear Cover Lens
  • Lift up lens holder
  • Front lifting
  • Australian made
  • Lightweight injection moulded high impact shell
  • High impact polycarbonate visor
  • Wipedown glass finish
  • Ratchet adjustable headgear
  • Australian made
  • Also available with chin guard


Hearing Protection

UniSafe RB620 Earmuffs
  hearing    Disposable Ear Plugs & Dispensers
  • Australian made
  • Lightweight
  • Single injection moulded headband
  • Simple size adjustment
  • Economic solution
  • Class 5 SLC80 26dB(A)

Foam earplugs are mainly made from 'memory foam', which are compressed into the ear canal, where they expand to plug it.

Foam ear plugs are easy to use and store, they are rated by their ability to reduce noise. Australia and New Zealands standards for protector ratings yeilding a quantity SLC80 (Sound Level Class for the 80th percentile)
    Order Code: MRB620        

QPI Intelligent Hearing Protection 

QPiTM is an intelligent hearing protection and communication system for enhanced listening and adaptive hearing protection.

Working in a high noise environment can be both difficult and dangerous to your workers. Not only do they need protection to prevent any damage to their hearing they also need to hear what is going on around them whilst they work and be able to receive and relay communications.
There is an answer that allows for protection for hearing loss and the ability to be aware of your surroundings at communicate with others when needed.
The QPiTM Intelligent Hearing Protection and Communication System is a fully automated hearing protection and communication device that provides enhanced listening and adaptive protection, especially for those who work in high noise environments. This fantastic head set is compabitle with a variety of hand held radios and can even be used with out a radio.

Intelligent Protection

Automatic Fit-Check 
detects sufficient attenuation when worn, ensuring optimal protection and in-ear fit of each worker.
Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) 
technology eliminates low fequency noise for enhanced listening, facilitation communication with portable radios  


Protective Clothing

We have a range of Hi-Vis vests, disposable coveralls for spill protection, cooling vests and wet weather gear for the workplace.

CSV3610L 2 Hi-Vis Vests   Disposable Coveralls Disposable Coveralls

Available in:

  • Fluro orange no trim
  • Fluro orange with trim
  • Fluro yellow no trim
  • Fluro yellow with trim

Available in:

  • Ellgard X4 [blue] - type 5 parlitcle-tight & type 6 limited splash-tight
  • Ellgard X4 [white] - type 5 parlitcle-tight & type 6 limited splash-tight
ECSVFLYL Cooling Vests   IRC76HGZT2L 1 Wet Weather Gear

The cooling vests have straegically placed E-Cool crystals which keep your upper body cool. The E-Cool range helps you stay cool during those hot days.

Available in:

  • Hi visibility fluro yellow
  • Royal Blue

Available in:

  • Coat - PVC / Fluro lime/yellow no trim
  • Coat - PVC /Fluro lime/yellow with trim
  • Coat - PVC /Fluro orange no trim
  • Pants - PVC / Fluro lime/yellow no trim
  • Pants - PVC / Fluro lime/yellow with trim
  • Pants - PVC / Fluro orange no trim




Red Cuff Cotton Drill   Blue Cuff Cotton Drill   Nitrile Green   Riggers Gloves   Nitrile Covered Cotton Gloves
order code: GL220094   order code: GL222785    order code: GL37-175-9   order code: GLATS   order code: GLSD7002
Womens   Mens   Excellent resistance to most Chemicals & Solvents   Cowhide leather, Elasticised wrist for firm fit   Heavy duty. High puncture resistance
Nitrile Covered Cotton Glove   Ansell Pink Silverlined   Red PVC   Anti-Vibration Gloves   Needle Proof Gloves
order code: GL07SD5001   order code: GL3525  
order code: GL221741 [27cm]
order code: GL220615 [45cm]
order code: GLGGR160[60cm]
  order code: GLELG2020   order code: GLEASF113

Good puncture resistance


Black & Gold   General Gloves   Vinyl Disposable Gloves   Nitrile Disposable Gloves   Glove Holder / Utility Guard
order code: GLBGFLW16     order code: GLEASF113   order code: GL92500L    


  Non sterile food handling gloves   Puncture, chemical & solvent resistance  

Ensures hand protection is attached to workers when needed, not in the toolbox.

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