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Emergency & Burns

Being fully prepared by planning for emergency situations in the work place can greatly reduce the extent of injuries and minimise damage.

Patient Immobilisation


Vertical Rescue Stretcher


The Ferno Vertical Rescue Stretcher’s roll-up, compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for high angle, confined space, horizontal or vertical rescue. When deployed the wrap-around concept becomes rigid and gives the patient a feeling of security as well as protecting limbs and body from further injury during evacuation procedures. The Vertical Rescue Stretcher is fitted with many carry handles as well as six lifting slings that provide a good variety of options for transportation and lifting.   

Also supplied standard is an integral and comprehensive, colour-coded, full body restraint system that includes a padded head restraint, six over body restraints, shoulder and groin straps along with a generous foot strap to assist with vertical lifts. When not in use the Vertical Rescue Stretcher rolls up and is easily housed within the cordura storage bag which doubles as a backpack. Also available in military colours.

Key Features

  • Constructed from internal high density polyethylene with a mixture of tough 1000 and 1680 denier Cordura with a heavy polyurethane coating
  • Various carry handles and lift slings provide many options for transport or evacuation lifting
  • Integral, colour-coded, head, shoulder, groin and foot restraints
  • Six exterior restraint straps assist to wrap and secure stretcher around the patient
  • Includes a Cordura storage bag with backpack shoulder straps
Length  Width  Weight  Load Limit Horizontal  Load Limit Vertical
202cm 77cm 8kg 350kg 250kg
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 Vertical Stretch Harness

Order Code: HSCMC724133

The Vertical-Lift Harness eases the transition over an edge when a high anchor point is not available,  such as a parapet roof, window, tank top or handrail. This reduces manpower requirements, improves patient care and reduces risk. The spreader bar allows the stretcher to pivot between the side straps as the head of the stretcher clears the edge. Weight: 1.3 kg. Delta Quick Link included.    

 Ferno VRSz 6Point Bridle BRBVRS Lo  

 VRS Point Lift Bridle

Order Code: HSBRB-VRS

Although the Vertical Rescue Stretcher is supplied standard with six lifting slings the Ferno VRS 6 Point Lift Bridle is designed specifically to fit the Vertical Rescue Stretcher and offers the rescuer additional adjustment of the stretcher angle in delicate rescue scenarios. Each adjustable sling arm is colour coded to the stretcher lift handles to ensure correct placement.

 BSSS 265 new  

 Saver Scoop Stretcher

Order Code: HSBSSS-265

The Saver Scoop Stretcher is designed so emergency personnel can uncouple either or both ends of the stretcher and gently scoop up the patient using a scissor-type closing motion. This scoop stretcher is ideal for hip and spinal injuries.  The stretcher supports a patient in the position found, reducing risk of further injury.

Key Features

  • Twin aluminium safety locks for smooth and non-binding locking and unlocking
  • Telescoping tubes allow length adjustments for various patient heights
  • Narrow foot-end frame for handling in confined areas
  • Open-centre design permits patient to be X-rayed
  • Folds compact for storage
  • Can be used with Model HS385-C Storage/Carrying Base
Length  Width  Height Weight  Load Limit Horizontal
120cm folded
166cm min
201cm max
43cm 7cmm 9.7kg 159kg


Cervical Collars

Order Code: HSCCL-SCT [adult tall]

                   HSCCL-SCR [adult regular]

                   HSCCL-SCS [adult short]      

                   HSCCL-SCN [adult no neck]     

                   HSCCL-SCP [paediatric] 

                   HSCCL-SCB [baby no neck] 

The Laerdal Stifneck Collar with outstanding motion restriction and optimal sizing. The Stifneck extrication collar remains the standard of care for suspected cervical spine injuries. 

Key Points

  • Easy access for pulse check, advanced airway procedures and visualisation through oversized trachea hole
  • Radiolucent, MRI and CT scan compatible
  • Outstanding motion restriction without hyperextension or limiting access to airway
  • Provides optimal size selection with simple, accurate finger-sizing method and colour codes
  • Fits entire patient with four adult sizes and two paediatric sizes
 SVPS S 9 36  

 Sam Splint Original

The Sam Splint Original is a pliable multi-purpose splint available in a range of sizes

  Order Code Product Length Width
 HSSVPS-S36 Sam Splint 36"  91cm 10cm
HSSVPS-S36XL  Sam Splint 36" XL  91cm 14cm
HSSVPS-S18   Sam Splint 18" 46cm 10cm
HSSVPS-S9  Sam Splint 9"  23cm 10cm

 Cardboard Splint

The Cardboard Splint is a low-cost, compact and convenient cardboard splint with the capacity to immobilise a broad range of injuries.

Order Code Length Width
HSSVCB-S 41cm 25cm
HSSVCB-L 77cm 33cm


Vacuum Splint Set

Order Code: HSSVV-F

The Vaccum Splint Set provides maximum support with minimum effort. Each splint is constructed of durable vinyl coated nylon that is supple enough to be moulded around a injured extremity.

Air is extracted via the pump supplied forcing the splint to become hard and mould around the patient providing local immobilisation without inward pressure, reducing the risk of additional trauma.

The complete kit includes three splints [small, medium & large], compact vacuum pump, repair kit and carry case.





Order Code: HSRMF-EM [mask]

                   HSRMF-EMOWV [one-wayvalve/filter]

The one-way valve and directional diaphragm on the Ferno E-Mask allows no backflow of air or contaminants (fluids) to pass from the patient to rescuer/rescuer to patient and provides superior protection against viruses and bacteria.

The Ferno E-Mask comes with an O²  port, head-strap and hard shell case. Fittings are a standard 22 mm and can be used with any Ferno resuscitator. The Ferno E-Mask fits both adult and child patients. Once used, the mask can be sterilised and a replacement one-way valve/filter can be fitted.  





 Oxy-Therapy & Oxy Rescue Kit

Order Code: HSOXK-R and HSOXK-T

The Oxy-Resusc Kit [top image] Contents were developed as an emergency resuscitation kit and can be utilised by industry through to first response emergency personnel. The Oxy-Resusc Kit Contents can be purchased without the adult resuscitator and airways (Oxy-Therapy Kit Contents [bottom image]) which is suitable for the delivery of oxygen therapy in the home or workplace.

Both kits provides for the supply of oxygen therapy and can be used in an emergency to resuscitate using the Ferno E-Mask.

The ideal softpack to store the contents is the HSFAHAD5120 as displayed.

Note: Kit contents exclude the oxygen cylinder and softpack [shown]  

 OXK D  

 Oxy Demand Kit

Order Code: HSOXK-D

The Oxy-Demand Kit Contents are designed for use by those highly trained in oxygen resuscitation. It offers oxygen on-demand, oxygen therapy plus an extra high pressure outlet. This allows for inclusion of an additional high pressure resuscitation line or venturi suction system.

The ideal softpack to store the contents is the HSFAHAD5100 or the HSFAHAD2140.

Note: Kit contents exclude the oxygen cylinder and softpack [shown]



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